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Understand Your Cat

Welcome to Eden-Lea Ragdoll Kittens and Cats!

Please note that Eden-Lea Ragdolls is not a commercial cattery, our Ragdoll kittens are raised inside our home in amongst our life, with much love and care.

A cat lover all my life, I had wanted a Ragdoll Cat since I first saw them on TV in the early nineties. I love everything about them, from their beautiful range of patterns and colours, to their wonderful nature and to their extreme playfulness.

Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens

Eden-Lea Lacey

Because I have spent many years interested in and researching natural health in humans and all our other animals, I wanted to buy a Naturally Reared Ragdoll Kitten as a pet for our family.

However, my long-winded search disappointingly turned up not a single Ragdoll breeder in Australia who had any idea of holistic principles and would sell me a Ragdoll kitten that was NOT vaccinated, which was my single biggest requirement.

Finally my search ended with the purchase of an entire breeding Ragdoll male and female. The idea was that we would have one litter of kittens, keep our own Holistic babycat, de-sex and re-home the Mum and Dad. However, I was very quickly kitten-smitten. Our first litter of five gorgeous, fluffy Ragdoll Kittens completely won my heart, and I decided to continue breeding and providing Naturally Reared Ragdoll kittens to others who are of a similar mind.

I maintain the health of my Ragdolls as holistically as possible. My cats are fed mostly on a raw food diet, and for any health issues I turn first to natural methods. I have found that as time goes by, and I keep researching natural health for my cats, there is now not much that I am unable to treat and heal using basic knowledge and supplements.

Ragdoll Cats - Ragdoll Kittens

On the Lawn!

And of course this is much better for the immune system and general health than antibiotics and drugs. This keeps my Ragdolls cats and kittens in wonderful good health. For more info, please visit my Ragdoll Cat Health page.

Of course I run into problems from time to time with “the powers that be” of the cat world, who think that being unvaccinated means a cat is unhealthy, LOL, when the complete opposite is true. The viral cat diseases that are routinely vaccinated against, are extremely common amongst vaccinated cats – so what really is the point anyway?

A healthy cat with a well functioning immune system may pick up a virus, but will be able to handle it – like you and I with a cold. Where-as (from what I have seen) a vaccinated cat has much more of a tendency to have relapses and become a chronic “carrier” of said virus.

However, as most of my new Ragdoll kitten owners are already aware of natural health principles, their pleasure and their delight in finding a breeder who raises kittens the way I do certainly makes it all worth while.

Eden-Lea Shanti - Ragdoll Cat

Eden-Lea Shanti

Small Ragdoll Cats:

I am a breeder mostly small Ragdoll Cats….. But – why breed small Ragdolls when they are supposed to be one of the largest breeds of cat?

Well, initially I had great difficulty in obtaining Ragdoll cats as breeders that were of the large size Ragdolls are supposed to be. I was continually surprised, disappointed and very frustrated when most of my newly purchased breeding cats arrived here – at just how small they were.

Ragdolls are supposed to be the second largest breed of cat, but it was obvious that some Ragdoll bloodlines were producing quite small cats. Lots of money disappeared buying show quality Ragdoll kittens – who I ended up de-sexing prior to breeding as they matured just too small 🙁

So in the end, I thought that there must be a reason I personally simply couldn’t get big cats and I just decided to go with what the Universe was sending me – who am I to argue? I do so love to see a great big, huge cat – but I am extremely pleased that most of my Ragdolls are now genetically very small cats – they are much more portable and huggable 🙂

Note: I do not let any of my small bloodlines go for breeding purposes, so as not to be detrimental to the Ragdoll cat breeder gene pool in general.

Eden-Lea Angel Eyes - Ragdoll Cat

Eden-Lea Angel Eyes

Eden-Lea Ragdoll Cats is proudly breeding from only 100% Pure Traditional Ragdoll bloodlines – there are no out-crosses to other breeds and/or domestics in our cats’ pedigrees, there fore we do not have an chocolate or lilac cats.

Our Ragdoll breeder cats all come from Champion bloodlines, and all of my initial breeding cats were shown to championship level. Now that the size of most of my Ragdolls is a lot smaller than average, they don’t do so well on the show-bench. I continue to breed for the Ragdoll “Look” and all the other exceptional Ragdoll qualities, just in a much smaller package.

Our Ragdolls keep us in stitches a lot of the time – especially when they all get the “zoomies” at the same time! Even the “grown-ups” act like crazy 3 month old kittens. I really enjoy the way they want to be wherever I am, a forest of big Ragdoll blue eyes watching my every move!

They curl up beside me on the couch, lay on my desk as I work on the computer (keeping an eye on the cursor on the screen), just following me around and sleeping at my feet. In the words of my son, Ragdolls are the “VERY BEST-EST CAT IN THE WORLD!” We love them and spoil them to bits!!!


As I am no longer breeding, all of my cats are being desexed over the next few months and some will be available for new homes. Ages will range from kittens around 6 months old to adults. Prices will be on an individual basis depending on age.



Eden-Lea Tinka Belle - Ragdoll Cat

Eden-Lea Tinka Belle – my teeny, weeny pride and joy!

Ragdoll Cat - Jiminy Cricket

Ragdoll Kitten Kudos

Eden-Lea Kudos

My Ragdoll Cat Girls

Ragdoll Cats certainly benefit from an outdoor enclosure – they just love to see the “wildlife”


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