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Cat Litter and Cat Litter Pans

Understand Your Cat

Cat Litter and Cat Litter Pans

The cat litter and special cat litter pans that I use for my Ragdoll Cats is Oz-Pet brand. It is a pelletised wood, is 100% biodegradable and with no “nasties” in it at all.

Cat Litter Tray

Oz-Pet Cat Litter Tray

The special tray that works best with this litter is a two part system. There is a tray in the top that acts as a sieve, and a bottom tray that catches the fine particles of litter and the cat urine.

Solid waste is scooped out of the top tray, and the bottom tray is emptied regularly of soaked sawdust-like waste.

NOTE: In recent times (2012) the quality of this litter has been sporadic – sometimes it will not absorb the liquid well at all. I am hoping the company gets more pro-active with their quality control. Because when this litter is good, it is the best there is as far as odor control and cleanliness is concerned. However, when it is bad – it is almost useless.

Latest Update; 2013. I am finally totally “over” Oz Pet. There seems to be absolutely no quality control.  The product does NOT absorb any liquid at all. You get left with a pool of smelly urine and little black wood pellets in the bottom tray – odour control is now non-existent.

Therefore, I do not recommend Oz Pet litter any more. It went from being the very best on the market – to the very worst.


Here is the official Oz-Pet Cat Litter Pan

The tray is made up of two parts, with the top section used as a sieve. When Oz-Pet Litter is wet, it breaks down into smaller particles, which then fall through into the bottom tray when shaken once or twice a day. This leaves the top litter always fresh, clean and dry.



Step 1. Put a couple of handfuls of Oz-Pet pellets in the bottom of the cat litter pan – as most of the liquid goes straight through and this will start absorption.

Cat Litter Tray 2

Step 2. Put a layer of Oz-Pet pellets in the top sieve tray – some cats prefer more, some less – I put in only about one kilo – just enough to lightly cover

Cat Litter Tray 3

Step 3. Place the top sieve tray onto the bottom cat litter pans – and it is now all ready for use.



Step 4. Remove solids regularly. Shake the tray or stir the pellets, once or twice a day – the wet fines fall through the sieve and are collected by the cat litter pans bottom, leaving the top tray pellets dry and clean.


Step 5. The wet fines are in the bottom cat litter pans – ready to be emptied. The fines compost very quickly, and make excellent food for your garden!



Step 6. Rinse bottom tray out, place a couple of handfuls of pellets in the bottom cat litter pans again, put the top sieve tray back on top… ready for use again. Top up the pellets as necessary.

And below are some other “things” I have found suitable also for cat litter trays. The trick is to make sure the holes are just slightly smaller than the pellets to prevent clogging.


Cat Litter Tray 8

This is a garden sieve, bought from a hardware store. Not big enough for cats that like to dig thru to China!

Cat Litter Tray 9

This is a potted plant base, which fits well underneath as the cat litter pans, to catch the loose fines.

Cat Litter Tray 10

Here is the whole package. Would be great if it was larger with higher sides, though.

Below is the same Garden Sieve, which fits perfectly on top of a rubbish bin. I only need to empty the bin when near to full, and the bottom stuff has already started to break down into usable compost. Poop gets scooped and tipped into the bottom bin as well.

The tray could be a little larger with higher sides, but it still works well. If I can detect any odour, I just put a scoop of litter from the tray down into the bottom bin for further absorption. Strangely enough, the cats prefer to use this “pedestal” system of cat toilet – even if there is a normal litter tray on the ground.


Cat Litter Tray 11

Kitty Litter – Cat Litter Tray 11

 Cat Litter Tray 12  Cat Litter Tray 14
And below are the baby kittens cat litter pans, they are a cheap document storage tray from a Bargain Bin shop, on top of a standard small litter tray. The big cats often choose to use these as well, and that looks really funny, because it takes great aim and concentration! These small cat litter pans are fantastic in show cages too, never get wet feet (or other parts) again.


 Kitty Litter 01

Kitty Litter 02

 Kitty Litter 03


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