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Flea Control And Cats

Understand Your Cat

Flea Control And Cats

Here is a copy of an article I have recently written about flea control and cats.

Together with keeping cats (or any household pet) can sometimes come a constant battle with fleas, depending on the climate in which you live. Getting rid of fleas in a house can become an ongoing battle.

Home remedies for fleas are helpful, especially when you are determined to only use natural pest control. But you need to make sure you have a systematic approach to flea control if you want long lasting, flea-free home.

I live in a warm and humid sub-tropical climate, which is the ideal environment for fleas to thrive in. A single flea can morph into many thousands in a very short period of time.

Flea Control - Get Rid of Fleas On Cats

These Are Cat Fleas – They Carry Cat Tapeworms

Because my cats have access to an outdoor cat enclosure, they are constantly exposed to fleas that are dropped by passing native animals, and also from other people’s free-ranging cats. Fleas also carry cat tapeworms, so it is in your kitty’s best interests to maintain a good level of flea control.

My approach to flea control is simply by making a constant and systemic effort to control the fleas in house. I used to let off a regular flea bomb in the house, because I had not been able to find an natural flea control product that was effective or even particularly helpful in getting rid of fleas.

I bathe my cats regularly in a natural, highly alkaline soap that appears to kill fleas, while at the same time actually even being therapeutic for the cats. The soap I use is Miracle II soap, and you should be able to find a distributor close to you to buy some by googling it, as it is available worldwide.

Miracle II Soap is a product that people actually drink for it’s health benefits – although they use the one without the sudsing component, which is called Miracle II Neutraliser … so it is perfectly safe to suds up the cats and leave it on them. Leaving it on seems to provide much better flea control on the cat, and works a lot better than rinsing it off straight away.

However, you also need to get rid of fleas from the home itself. Because they live in the carpet, soft furnishings and little specks of dust in corners and teeny cracks, fleas can be extremely difficult to get rid of, once and for all. Constant vacuuming helps to keep any flea infestation down.


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