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Kitten Items You Will Need

Understand Your Cat

So, just what do you need for a new kitten? All Eden-Lea Ragdoll kittens come with a Kitten Information package. This is emailed out to new owners once a deposit has been received on a kitten and covers most of the following. This should give you time to prepare in advance for you furry new kitten family member.

Here are some new kitten items that you will need:

Cat Carrier:

You will need to bring some type of carrier to take your Ragdoll kitten home in. There are many on the market. If you intend to travel with your kitty in the future your best option is to purchase an Airline approved carrier. The “PP20” is the standard cat size and fits one adult cat or two kittens quite comfortably.

Cat Litter and Litter Tray

I currently use Oz-Pet litter. There is info on Oz-Pet and how to use it and the special sieve trays on my Kitty Litter page.

I always recommend having a few extra, temporary litter trays for a new baby kitten. These can be anything that will hold the litter and with a reasonably low side. You can make a couple of temporary trays out of cardboard boxes, cut the sides down low and line with newspaper.

Scratching Post

A definite must is a Cat Scratching Post, this is not a luxury item but a requirement and just as important to have as the litter tray. Cats need to scratch to remove claw sheaths, and also to stretch and exercise muscles.

Cat Scratching Posts

Ragdolls on the cat scratching post


It is easy to teach your new Ragdoll Kitten to use a scratching post – and not your furniture.

Make sure to get a good solid one that is not easy to knock over, and preferably the post part for scratching on should be tall enough to enable the adult cat to stretch out full length.

Cats also love extra “gymnasium” type parts; baskets, barrels and hammocks, for jumping and climbing and sleeping on/in.

The scratching post should preferably be covered in either carpet or sisal rope, so kitty can really hook in.

Fur fabric is not particularly good for a scratching post… however if you do have one of those, you can buy a little carpet mat to cover over the fur-fabric.

I like the fur fabric because the cat’s don’t particularly like to scratch on it so it always looks nice in the house. But on my Cat Gymnasium Posts that do have fur fabric, I always cover one bottom leg with carpet particularly for scratching. Simply attach the carpet with wood-screws and washers (I use a portable drill) – and this way it is really easy to change when the carpet becomes frayed from use.

And if you would like to make one or a few scratching posts of your own, you can usually find downloadable plans for making a cat tree yourself.

Cat Scratching Post

Ragdoll Cat and a Scratching Post

Cat Food

All new kitten owners are emailed a diet information file after a deposit has been received, so you can prepare things in advance.

There is lots of information as to what I feed my cats on my page here: Raw Food For Cats

Cat Food and Water Bowls

Your Ragdoll Kitten’s food is best served on a flat plate. Glass or stainless steel are the best materials to use, or a good quality ceramic (no lead in the paint). Avoid plastics where possible. Cat water bowls should be wide enough to accommodate kitty’s whiskers 🙂

Cat Grooming Items

As long as your Ragdoll kitten is kept on a mostly raw food diet, grooming your cat will be minimal – as the skin and coat keeps naturally clean and shiny, and should not matt. And as an extra plus, raw fed cats almost never throw up hairballs. However, most Ragdoll Kittens will grow to love the intimate experience of a loving brush from their people.


Any type of plastic or natural bristle brush that will go thru your kitten’s coat will do. I use a human hair brush or for heavy duty grooming in winter when coats can be very thick, I turn to a slicker brush. Wire slicker brushes do tend to be a little rough on the coat and can split the hairs – so go easy on using them.

However they are terrific for running over carpet, furniture and scratching posts to remove any shed pet hair. I have attached a slicker brush onto the end of a broom handle and this gives the carpet a very quick going over – in between vacuuming. Also gets into tricky corners, and underneath furniture items, around legs – where hair and “dust bunnies” tend to congregate.

There are also special cat grooming mitts that work well for cats. They are very gently and feel great!

Cat Beds:

People often ask what sort of cat bed their new Ragdoll kitten will like… the short answer is YOURS!

The crate you take your Ragdoll kitten home in can double as a secure place for her until she feels comfortable in her new home. And after that, she will tend to sleep where she drops. The top of a scratching post is a favourite place, couch, soft chairs, the floor…. Spending money on a fancy bed may possibly be a waste of money.

Cat Toys:

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy cat toys. What your indoor cat needs most is variety! Our Ragdolls have their “toys” changed regularly, some hidden for a while and then brought out again for the “new toy” effect.

Eden-Lea Ragdoll Kitten buyers received in their emailed information pack, a list of ordinary items that your kitten will love to play with, tried and tested as favourites on all our Ragdoll babies.



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