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Natural Food For Cats

Understand Your Cat

The Best Cat Food – Ideas:

I have prepared this page to give a general idea of the bones and raw food diet (often called BARF) my own Ragdoll cats and kittens are fed. While the very best cat food for our kitties is to feed them raw, whole prey, that is not an option for me – nothing like that is available, (and I probably couldn’t do it anyway) so I try and get as close to the natural food for cats as I can.

Commonly known as a Prey Model Diet, what we are attempting to do here, is to approximate the “whole” of a prey animal, using what parts are available to us. Sometimes, coming from a world where we are used to just tipping kibble / dry cat food into a bowl or opening a can, it can be confusing to start feeding raw cat food. Hopefully this page will give you some ideas. The main things are; plenty of variety, feed big chunks and bones often, and to try and follow the recommended ratios for feeding a cat raw food as shown below.

This page is only my personal “What” of Raw Cat Food! The “Whys” and “Hows” are very well explained at this website: Raw Fed Cats, and this wonderful site will give you a good basic understanding of the principles. If you are more inclined to feed minced meats, here are some websites with step by step instructions on how to prepare your own raw cat food: Making Cat Food and Cat Nutrition – Pictorial


Raw Cat Food – Recommended ratios – This is a general guide to feeding a “Prey Model Diet“. These proportions are relatively the same in almost every prey animal that carnivores are designed to consume, and the percentages are, approximately:

  • 80 – 85% meat, fat, skin, sinew, connective tissue etc.
  • 10 – 15% edible bone
  • 5 – 10% organs with half that amount being liver (if fed daily this would only equal about the size of a grape or two).

These percentages, although approximate, should serve as the basic guidelines for a raw cat food / BARF / Prey Model Diet. These exact proportions do not need to be fed at each and every meal, but rather should combine to comprise the overall diet over the course of time. In simple terms – this equates to; mostly meat, a little edible bone and a little organ.

Natural food for cats is just as appropriate for your Ragdoll kitten

Here is a 5 week old Ragdoll Kitten really enjoying a raw chicken neck… start them young!



Ragdoll Kitten eating Raw Food Ragdoll Kitten eating some Raw Food Ragdoll Kitten and Raw Food



I recommend you set aside a contained place for Kitty to eat his raw cat food meals. Cats tend to carry their food to a comfy place to eat it – and it is rather nasty to sit on a piece of raw liver on your couch! I use a large cage (actually a dog crate) which has a plastic floor for easy cleaning.

I usually also put in a carpet sample mat for comfort as the cats definitely prefer a soft surface when chowing down. You could use a towel which is easily tossed in the washing machine. Some people use a large pet carrier to feed their raw cat food in, and others simply put the cat in the bathroom or laundry to eat.

Pictured below is one of my raw feeding places for my Ragdoll Cats. This is actually a “dog crate” and works perfectly. The plastic bottom is easily cleaned and the whole crate folds away easily for storage.



Ragdoll Cats with their Raw Food Cats Raw Food Where my Ragdoll cats eat raw food


If your cat is brand spanking new to raw cat food, don’t go out and buy a whole raw beef carcass, as your kitty may not like beef! Buy very small portions of lots of different meats and offer these.

If you have trouble getting your cat to eat raw cat food, I recommend you join a free internet discussion group: RawCats. There are many experienced and helpful people in this group who give up a huge amount of their time just to help newbies to feed the best cat food” to their felines. You can ask questions and will get helpful, informed answers.


Natural Food For Cats:

Here are some of the things my Ragdoll Cats and Ragdoll Kittens eat… just to give you ideas

UPDATE: the photos of what raw feed I use and my cats eating it – have been moved to another website, you can see it here:

Raw Food For Cats


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