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Our Ragdoll Breeding Cats

Ragdoll Cats Stud MalesRagdoll Cat Breeding FemalesAbout Eden-Lea Ragdoll Breeding Cats:


Eden-Lea is proudly breeding from only 100% Pure Traditional Ragdoll bloodlines.
There are no out-crosses to other breeds and/or domestics in our cats’ pedigrees.

While striving to restore and maintain what I believe to be the REAL Ragdoll “look”, I have selectively bred, over generations, for a genetically small, healthy ragdoll cat.

I have managed to achieve all I have attempted, and am producing a very nice type of Ragdoll Cat – in a very small package. And also incorporating the stunning “black eye-liner” that appears in some Ragdoll bloodlines. I wanted to breed a cat that is not only little, but has that real wow factor.


Here is the link to our current Ragdoll Stud Boys:

And here are Our current Ragdoll Girls: