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Our Ragdoll Cat Boys

Understand Your Cat
Eden-Lea Ragdoll Kittens is proudly breeding from only 100% Pure Traditional Ragdoll bloodlines – there are no outcrosses to other breeds and/or domestics in our cats’ pedigrees.


Our Ragdoll Cat Stud Boys:

Ragdoll Stud Male - Eden-Lea Jiminy Cricket

Eden-Lea Jiminy Cricket

Eden-Lea Jiminy Cricket

A Blue Mitted Ragdoll, Jimmy is the epitome of everything Ragdoll. From his lovely widely spaced ears, and bluer-than-blue eyes to his incredible, floppy nature.

Jimmy’s first kittens have just recently arrived, and we are eagerly awaiting to see which of his adorable traits he passes on to them.

UPDATE: They are just simply stunning kittens. Most impressive is the fantastic eye colour. There is a photo of one kitten at the bottom of my Kittens Available page.

HCM & PKD – DNA negative.


Eden-Lea Kudos

Seal Mitted Ragdoll

Kudos is Jemma’s boy, and is such a sweetheart, he can never get enough cuddling, or tummy tickling.

He is extremely small for a Ragdoll male, being from Jemma who tends to produce genetically tiny kittens.

HCM & PKD – DNA negative

Eden-Lea Kudos - Ragdoll Stud Male

Kudos at 4 months old

Our Ragdoll Boys - Kudos

Eden-Lea Kudos



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