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Ragdoll Cats For Sale

Understand Your Cat

Our Ragdoll Cats For Sale

I have recently desexed all my Ragdoll cats, some of who are now for sale as pets. I prefer my adult cats to go to homes with older people – rather than young families.

If you are interested in buying one of these beautiful Ragdolls, please let me know as much information about your home as possible upon enquiry. This is because it takes more care placing older Raggies, as their personalities are totally developed. And I need to make sure both my cats and their new owners will be happy.

Please note that I will not ship any of these cats. Also, none will go to a home where there is already another cat.

Current Ragdolls for sale:

All our Ragdolls that were available have been rehomed. Thank you to their lovely new families and we hope you enjoy years of fun and love with your new family member!


Here are some more of our Ragdolls, these cats are not for sale.



Born: 12.02.2011


Blue Pointed Ragdoll

Holly is a sweet and very pretty girl, with her black eye-liner and gorgeous blue eyes. She has a lovely, soft coat and a playful nature.

Holly-Blue Pointed Ragdoll Cat


Born: 30.01.2009

Seal Mitted Ragdoll

Jewelle is a teeny tiny, little girl full of affection and good cheer. Mellow and gentle natured, she loves attention and nothing as much as a good scratch! She will look for attention from anyone. But, like Cruz (above) Jewelle does not like to be lifted up.




 Ragdoll Cat for sale - Jewelle



Ragdoll Cats For Sale - Blue Bi Color Boy

Blue Bi Color Boy

Blue Bi-Colour Boy

07.09.2012 – Now living in Brisbane with Vi

Born: 30.01.11


This sweet Ragdoll boy is very affectionate, although he is shy with new people. Because he is not overly confident, he would be best suited to a couple or a single person, where he will be able to grow.

Although he is very playful and vibrant, he has spent recent times in an outdoor cattery, and will take a couple of weeks to adjust to the noises of living inside a house again.

His new owner will need to give him time to settle in properly and gain confidence. Once he has settled in, he will be a very loving and devoted companion. He really enjoys his cuddles!

Ragdoll Cats For Sale - Huck 03He has a flowing, soft and silky coat and a very sweet expression. And like most Ragdolls, he loves to play with his toys.

He is a smallish cat for a Ragdoll boy, who are normally very large cats.

Huckle was neutered and microchipped on 29th August and will take a couple of weeks to settle down, before being ready to go to a new home. He will come with his pedigree papers.


His price is $350


Below is a video of Huckle a couple of days after his neutering op.




Ragdoll Cats For Sale SBG06

Seal Bi-Colour Girl

Seal Bi-Colour Girl


This lovely Ragdoll girl has now gone to her new home with Kerri and family on the Gold Coast.


A sweet natured girl, this is a very small Ragdoll cat – although at the moment she is rather overweight.

She is quite talkative and will happily chatter backwards and forwards with you. She loves attention and a good cuddling, and also loves to play with toys – especially ones on a string.

She is spayed but yet to be microchipped and comes with her pedigree papers.





At this stage, I am no longer breeding, all of my cats are being desexed over the next few months and some will be for sale to pet homes.


Please read my kitten purchase info before making an enquiry, thank you.


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