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Ragdoll Kittens Available

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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale:

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer breeding

Please read my kitten purchase info before making an enquiry, thank you. And also check out our Ragdoll Cats for sale page


Blue Mitted Boy - Tiff

Blue Mitted Male Kitten

Blue Mitted Boy

“Yani” has now gone home to live with Marc, Liana & Eden-Lea Pixie in NSW

Born: 10.03.12

Parents: Eden-Lea Robinson Crusoe & Eden-Lea Tiffanie

A beautiful looking kitten with great eye colour, this boy is a cuddler. He likes to “make butter” with his paws on us and purrs “on contact”. He is a little shy with strangers, although this will improve with age, and once he is in his own home and has been neutered.

I think he will be better in a home with either older children, or a single person or older couple. He doesn’t like loud noises or bangs very much.

He is genetically average to small in size – for a Ragdoll cat. He has just been neutered and microchipped, and is all ready to go to his new home.

See him in action on video on my Ragdolls videos page.

Price $ 600



Seal BiColour Ragdoll - Cricket

Eden-Lea Cricket

Seal Bi Colour Boy


07.09.2012 – Now living on the Sunshine Coast with Kim and family

Seal BiColour Ragdoll - Cricket 2Born: 28.01.12

Parents: Eden-Lea Jiminy Cricket & Eden-Lea Lil Jewelle

I have been given a curve-ball in this kitten’s markings, as he is very different and unique. I normally am disappointed in “mis-marks” but this boy is just delightful and has a gorgeous expression – he wins over everyone who meets him.

This teeny fellow has a gorgeous nature, he is very floppy yet an outgoing kitten. He is extremely smoochy, loves head-buts and will make a great family cat.

He is genetically very small for a Ragdoll – the closest you will find to a”Miniature Ragdoll”. He is yet to be neutered and microchipped, and this will be done once a deposit has been placed on him.

See him on video here: Ragdoll Kittens Videos



Ragdoll Kittens For Sale BMB04

Blue Mitted Boy

Blue Mitted Boy

29 August – Gone home to Cairns with Michael & Family


Born: 28.01.12

Parents: Eden-Lea Jiminy Cricket & Eden-Lea Lil Jewelle

This is a dear little kitten, he is so pretty, very gentle and outgoing. He will fit into any family and is genetically very small.

This little boy is already neutered, microchipped and ready to go to his new home

See him on video here: Ragdoll Kittens Videos



At this stage, I am no longer breeding, all of my cats are being desexed over the next few months and some will be available for new homes.

Please read my kitten purchase info before making an inquiry, thank you.

You can see some of my kittens here at PhotoBucket: Ragdoll Kittens

(they do a much better job of a slideshow than I can!)

My Ragdoll Kittens are raised inside my home, and for a number of reasons, I no longer have kitten visitors inside our house – for any reason at all. Apart from security and public liability issues, after some thefts and damage I realised it is very unwise to have strangers, their friends, family and children running around in amongst our home and possessions.

Therefore, I do not have visits to young kittens – kittens are only able to be visited after they have been spayed/neutered and are all ready to leave for their new homes. They are taken outside specially for the visit, where I have a comfy kitten viewing enclosure. This way the kittens are safe from feet and any ungentle handling while being viewed and are taken out for individual cuddles.

I do realise this seems extremely unfair, and I sincerely apologise for that; while it would make a lovely family outing to visit all the fluffy Ragdoll Kittens, the stress and worry it causes me is simply not worth it. It is impossible to keep a strict eye on other people’s children while you are engrossed in conversation – however well-behaved people say their children are, they do seem to get very excited when they arrive here.

Visits are made by appointment to approved parties only, who are interested in one of the Ragdoll kittens or Ragdoll Cats listed as available on this page, and there is no access allowed inside our home.

Before making an enquiry, please have a browse at the Ragdoll Kitten Purchase Info page, as a lot of your initial questions will be answered there.

We are located an hour south of Brisbane – on the Gold Coast.


Ragdoll Kittens Gold Coast

Ragdoll Kitten – Seal Mitted



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