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Raw Cat Food

Understand Your Cat

“If a Diet Is Unnatural, Disease Will Keep Company With Those Subject To It” Juliette de Bairacli Levy.

Natural Food for Cats

Raw Cat Food – Yummy!


I maintain the health of my Ragdoll Cats as holistically as possible. My cats are fed on a natural, species appropriate based Raw Cat Food diet. What this means is providing (as close as possible in our modern world) what the animal would eat if it was living in a natural environment; which is small prey animals.

Cats are 100% obligate carnivores, which means that all their nutrition MUST come from meat sources- they cannot digest grains or utilize them properly – cooked or otherwise, and simply have no use for vegetables.

Raw Cat Food – Recommended ratios – these proportions are relatively the same in almost every prey animal that carnivores are designed to consume, and the percentages are, approximately:

5 – 10% organs (with half that amount being liver)
10 – 15% edible bone
80 – 85% meat, fat, skin, sinew, connective tissue etc.

These percentages, although approximate, should serve as the basic guidelines for a cat’s (or dog’s) diet. These exact proportions do not need to be fed at each and every meal, but rather should combine to comprise the overall raw cat food diet over the course of time.

Dry cat food, despite what your vet (and Dr Harry) will tell you – it is the very worst thing you can feed your cat long term, for a number of reasons – not all of which are covered here. One reason is that dry cat food is only about 10% moisture whereas raw cat food has around 70-80%, and cats never drink enough to make up the deficit.

Therefore most dry-fed cats are chronically de-hydrated. This is a major cause of most urinary and kidney problems. And a high percentage of the ingredients in processed food is grains, which are very inappropriate for carnivores.

If you must for convenience occasionally feed processed food – read the label! The first item in the ingredients list should be a meat (and not a by-product), preferably chicken, and there should not be additives like herbs or flax seed oil etc, which sound great for humans but are not appropriate for our little carnivores. Their systems are entirely different and they lack the ability to process vegetable matter.


Ragdoll Kitten eating Raw Food Ragdoll Kitten eating some Raw Food Ragdoll Kitten and Raw Food


Raw meaty bones and by products are chock-full of nutritional elements that cannot ever be duplicated in the dried and canned cat foods that are massively promoted by the Pet Food Industry. We humans, ourselves, would never consider trying to survive on processed meal replacement & junk food our whole lives, yet this is what we are feeding our cats, by giving them dry biscuits and canned cat food.

By feeding your cat what she is designed to eat naturally, you will have a much healthier, happier and longer lived animal, save on veterinary bills and often even make quite a saving by feeding your cat raw food.

If you decide to feed a raw cat food diet, you may meet a lot of opposition from other owners and quite likely also from your vet. Please be aware that most vets are not trained in animal nutrition, they get most of their knowledge from pet food companies, and a large part of their income comes from selling processed pet foods from their clinics.

You need to stand back and think for yourself, and cut thru all the advertising nonsense and scare tactics, and you will realise that your cat is absolutely not designed to eat grain – which is the major part of most cat foods.

I recommend that you do some research, and then make up your own mind what is the best for you and your cat. There are a lot of internet sites related to Raw Cat Feeding, some of my favourite links are provided below.


Links – Raw Cat Food Information:

Photos of my own Cats eating their raw food

Raw Fed Cats

Cat Nutrition

Highly recommended – these two sites are well worth spending a bit of time looking around. Both are very well written and make it easy to understand the basic principles of raw cat food and tips on how to actually feed your cat raw food.

I also suggest you to join the Raw Cats Yahoo group, which has many experienced and in-experienced raw cat food enthusiasts. You can ask questions here and will get helpful, informed and experienced support, lots of people changing cats over to a raw cat food diet:

Yahoo Raw Cat Food discussion group

More links:

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Blakkatz – a great website

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